Grand Valley Lanthorn Comics 2009-2010

While up at college, I work for the school paper doing weekly "editorial" comics. I put that in quotations because they're not really high brow or political like you'd expect editorial comics to be. I collaborate with my roommate, Shaun Morton, on these.
This was the "pilot" strip, which features caricatures of Shaun and I. He's a writing major, so he's usually the one to come up with the ideas, as where I draw them.
Many of our comics are "On-campus" related.

Dinner with Seven Strangers was a campus event intended to help you meet and talk to people you normally wouldn't. Because we're nerds, Spider-man and the Sinister Six came to mind.

That's my dad on the far left. I sneak in cameos whenever I can.

This comic garnered a lot of controversy. Not because it features a kid getting his ass kicked, but because we used the word "Sissy" first. This comic was accused of promoting homophobic violence. I thought of the word "sissy" as just a schoolyard insult, I didn't think it connoted anything deeper than that. Whoops.

This was about a rat problem in one of the dorms. We were advised to do a more "tame" comic after the "Sissy" controversy.
T. Hass is the president of Grand Valley. He is cool.
I ended up liking the character on the left so much that I starred him in an animated short I'm currently working on.
It was late...and I just really really wanted to get this one over with so I could play Brutal Legend. Eh, they can't all be winners.
Another one featuring T. Hass.
Josh, AKA Unicycle Lad, is very popular at our school.
I had way too much fun with this one. It cameos three of my friends.
Unfortunately this was the last one of the semester and not the previous comic. It was 5am on a busy, sleep-deprived, paper-writing, night when I started this.