Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dumm Comics "Ghost of a Chance" art and the 4th of July GVL

This is my third time doing guest artwork for Zoo Laffs on Dumm Comics. I had a lot of fun with this one. Once I got the idea to pay homage to Maniac Mansion I just went full-out on it.

You can check it out and the rest of the guest artwork in the gallery here: As well as check out the story arc it's based off of.

And here was the GVL comic I did for the Fourth of July. I forgot to post it when it was actually relevant. Whoops...


  1. Awesome Zoo Laughs pin up, I wish I had more time for mine, but yours is the best!

    PS Great work, you're pretty dang prolific!

    1. Thanks, I like your stuff too. You've got a really cool style and your sense of humor is always making me go "Ohhhh man, he went there!" Haha.