Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Update and Last 9 GVL Comics from the Winter 2012 Semester

Grand Valley Lanthorn Comic from 1/30/12:
2/2/12: I've seen this in real life, guys going to the bottle return with TONS of cans and bottles. Only these guys in the comic are too stupid to get the concept right.

2/6/12: Super Bowl comic.

2/13/12: At this time Grand Valley memes became huge....but it quickly died down. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to draw Scumbag Steve and follow the format of a meme as a comic.

2/20/12: I kind of wish I drew the stuff in the background bigger. It's hard to see in a smaller picture, let alone printed in the newspaper.


3/19/12: The ironic schedule of a drunken college kid.
He's going to find out the hard way that St. Patty's day doesn't necessarily equate to cheaper beer.

3/26/12: Grand Valley's air conditioning was on some kind of system where it wasn't going to turn on until April. Hot, humid, classrooms + Senioritis is a brainmelting combination. I also got away with some subtle innuendo in this one, which I thought was fun.

 4/9/12: My former roommate and Lanthorn collaborator as a kid eating play-doh in a satire of the "Pink Slime" controversy.
After I sent out this comic I wished I had made it "Play-Duh" instead of the more cliche "Clay-doh" parody.

This one isn't a Lanthorn comic but something I made for my friends who graduated this year:

This was a CD cover I made for an Audio 1 project I was part of. This was a radio show in which unlikely guests, Yoda, Gollum, and Tony Montana come together to talk about the Issues in America but become distracted and cause their own issues in the sound studio:

This was guest artwork I did for Chris Garrison's Zoo Laffs comic strip on Dummcomics.com
You can see it in the gallery page: http://dummcomics.com/2012/02/12/kablooey-pinup-gallery/
I've also done a guest comic for him which can be seen here: http://dummcomics.com/2011/11/06/goin-stag-6/

Lastly, I submitted three Scott Pilgrim t-shirt designs for a contest on www.welovefine.com
In a few days they'll finally announce the winners. Looking forward to see how I did:

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