Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Upcoming Thursday GVL and the previous 2 Cartoons

Above: for the upcoming 1/12/12 issue. My first cartoon for the winter semester.

This is the cartoon I submitted for the 12/8/11 issue in response to a controversial piece written by one of the columnists, Chris Slattery. Long story short, he did a satirical article from the point of view of bigoted Americans who boast Christmas and tell the other holidays to take a hike. Some people didn't understand he was being satirical and the Lanthorn was flooded with letters from offended readers. However, my editor chose not to publish this cartoon as he thought it might inflame people more. 

And lastly this one was from the 12/5/11 issue. I like the idea of Santa trying to use modern technology to do his work instead of magic and Christmas spirit.

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