Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Thursday's (11-17-11) GVL Cartoon

My editor wanted me to do one on the recent football game between Grand Valley and our rival school, Saginaw Valley---the "Battle of the Valleys" as they call it. I used that an an excuse to try to make the most badass image I could of our mascot, Louie the Laker.


  1. I followed a link posted on Dumm, and find it pretty amusing to spot fellow GVSU-er! (Well, I graduated in 2005, but still!) Kind of a blast from the past for me. Anyhoo, you have some amusing cartoons on here! Funny guest comic on Dumm too. :)

    1. Wow, somehow I'm JUST seeing this message. Maybe there's some kind of comment notification thing I don't have set up. But anyway, thanks for checking out my stuff! Did you ever do comics for the Lanthorn?