Thursday, October 6, 2011

First 10 Grand Valley Lanthorn Strips of the Fall 2011 Semester

Now in my 5th year at Grand Valley State, I still continue to do the comics for the college paper, The Lanthorn. This time around I'm doing them twice a week rather than once, in full color (Thanks to the new printer the school got), and I no longer have a co-writer helping me with ideas and jokes.

Here's the first 10 in order:

 8/28/11: First comic, before I was informed they could be in color. This was right after he resigned and before his untimely death. RIP Steve Jobs.
 9/01/11: After a few traffic accidents last year, Grand Valley widened their roads and added new traffic signals.
 9/05/11: Grand Valley is a "Dry" campus, and drinking at the football games is frowned upon. At the first Laker game security was especially tight.
 9/19/11: Every year our campus is invaded with crazy angry evangelists.
 9/26/11: ArtPrize, a citywide art contest/exhibition is an awesome annual event in Grand Rapids.
 10/03/11: ArtPrize does however has it faults...namely the tourists and "Casual art-goers" who don't actually know how to appreciate art and discern where the real talent is.
10/06/11: This is poking fun at the near-nude joggers who don't let horrible weather stop them

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