Monday, July 4, 2011

New GVL comics for the July issue

I'm working at camp again this summer, but of course I'm also continuing to do the Lanthorn comics whenever needed. For this month they wanted two cartoons, so here ya go, a double-feature. Since these are monthly comics rather than the usual weekly, the topics can't be TOO timely and specific, so I used the broad topics of "Life after College" and "Summer Semesters at GVSU."

 This one popped into my head pretty quickly. This was a fun and easy to do.
I'm sure this is fair use, but I decided I'd put in a copyright note for once, just in case. 

 And it's funny when I think of how many of the GVL comics poke fun at campus dining and their hours of operation. Basically if you take summer classes at Grand Valley it's easy to have classes that conflict with the very small window that one place available for food is open. AKA, you pretty much live off of ordering Papa Johns since it's the only thing open at convenient times.

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