Monday, June 6, 2011

Official Completion of Joe Murray's Cartoon Master Class

I really can't say enough good things about Joe Murray and his Cartoon Master Class. I was influenced early on by Rocko's Modern Life, one of my all-time favorite cartoons. I've grown to like it even more as I grew up, appreciating its multiple layers of sophisticated humor and story-telling. More recently, I've gotten into Camp Lazlo, which I missed out on during a hiatus from TV-watching. Now it's another one of my favorites. 
Some Lazlo sketches I did while testing out my XPC19.

I thought it was awesome enough for Joe to offer his fans and aspiring cartoonists an integral book for creating an animated series, but to actually create an online class for students all around the globe was just too good to be true. The class was EXACTLY what I needed, and I owe thanks to my dad as well, who had some skepticism about me taking an expensive extra-curricular class from some guy he's never heard of. It was completely worth it.

Joe sent out signed copies of his book to his students.
It was nice finally doing some serious work on a project that for the longest time only floated around in my head and in my sketchbooks, and with the help of one of my favorite cartoonists, no less. Each week there was a new video lecture and assignment followed by a one-on-one Skype critique.

I gained invaluable insight on character, storytelling, pitching, and negotiation and have my own pilot storyboard and series proposal to show for it. It was also nice just chatting about cartoons with Joe and making connections with other talented students in the class. Joe's class was a perfect experience.

Next, I look forward to developing the project I started even further through Grand Valley's Senior Thesis class. There, I plan to take my storyboard and polish it into a very presentable animatic.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Lanthorn Comic # 2

Previously I've posted Grand Valley Lanthorn comics on Facebook on the corresponding date they're published in the paper. It seems the Lanthorn is run more loosely for the summer, and I don't know precisely when my comics will appear in the paper, so what the hell, I'll share them as I do them.

This marks Grand Valley President, T. Haas', third appearance in the comics I've drawn, this time it's an undead T. Haas.

This particular comic is pretty Michigan/Grand Rapids centric, so if you're not sure what this is all about, Rob Bliss is known for these wide-scale antics in Grand Rapids. He's led two record-breaking zombie walks (Or at least one broke a world record,) and now this: