Saturday, May 28, 2011

Works-in-Progess of drawings I'm doing just for the hell of it

I recently got a XPC1910A--basically an off-brand Cintiq. It's pretty awesome. Now that I'm done with Joe Murray's Cartoon Master Class, I'm doing more drawings just for the fun of it, at least until I get notes back on my storyboard and begin developing it further for my senior thesis.
I'm really excited for The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie, so I did some sketches of James Rolfe.

 When I'm not making cartoons, I'm watching them. I recently got all of Batman the Animated Series, so I've been watching lots of that. Especially volume 4, the "Red sky" season, since I never watched that season when it was on TV. The episode "Girls Night Out" inspired the drawing below:
 I also recently watched speed-runs of Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3. I feel like the original DKC Trilogy are amongst the few games I consider myself GOOD at, but the people doing these speed-runs are insane. It's like watching really good parkour videos. Anyway, that inspired the drawing below.
Funny how I always resort back to Donkey Kong and Batman when I'm drawing for the hell of it. I didn't notice til now, but coincidentally some of the last doodles I posted here also had Donkey Kong and Batman stuff.


  1. Hei man !!

    Nice stuff !! And how the tablet works ? It's chinese I think...

  2. Hey Kenn. The tablet is great! I'm thinking I might do a video review for it sometime.