Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Thursday's (11-17-11) GVL Cartoon

My editor wanted me to do one on the recent football game between Grand Valley and our rival school, Saginaw Valley---the "Battle of the Valleys" as they call it. I used that an an excuse to try to make the most badass image I could of our mascot, Louie the Laker.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Upcoming GVL Cartoon for the 10-31-11 issue

I thought I'd end October with one last Halloween-related cartoon. 

As a bonus, here's a re-coloring of last year's Halloween Lanthorn cartoon. I kinda rushed doing this since my editor asked for a backup after I sent the new one.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Upcoming GVL Cartoon for the 10-27-11 issue

This one stars me and my friend Jon, who I always trick-or-treated with growing up. I had a lot of fun with this one and it might be my new favorite. I especially enjoyed caricaturing the high school panel. Man, I had the works back then--glasses, braces, and terrible acne. Winning combination.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Camper Caricatures Summer 2011

I meant to post these way earlier but didn't remember until just now.

I worked as a camp counselor over the summer and spent one of the days doing live caricatures for "Carnival Day." It was lots of fun. Most of these I did in about 5 minutes. 

 This one is obviously not a camper but our camp director, who said the caricature reminded him of someone he saw on "America's Most Wanted."

These two were especially fun to draw. I don't hold back when I draw teenagers, especially when their friends are standing behind me laughing, reacting  to what I'm drawing, and making suggestions.

Younger kids aren't as fun to caricature because they're less patient and have less of a sense of humor upon seeing the results.

GVL Comic for the 10-18-11 issue

Saturday, October 15, 2011

This Monday's GVL in which I pretend to follow politics

This guy's proposed economic plan bared a striking similarity to the default economic system in Sim City 4.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

This Monday's GVL

Crunched for time, and because the subject matter is appropriate, I decided to remake the first 2011 cartoon. It's also nice to put it in color, since it was the only one this year that wasn't. I got this in kinda late, but hopefully we'll still see it in print Monday.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

First 10 Grand Valley Lanthorn Strips of the Fall 2011 Semester

Now in my 5th year at Grand Valley State, I still continue to do the comics for the college paper, The Lanthorn. This time around I'm doing them twice a week rather than once, in full color (Thanks to the new printer the school got), and I no longer have a co-writer helping me with ideas and jokes.

Here's the first 10 in order:

 8/28/11: First comic, before I was informed they could be in color. This was right after he resigned and before his untimely death. RIP Steve Jobs.
 9/01/11: After a few traffic accidents last year, Grand Valley widened their roads and added new traffic signals.
 9/05/11: Grand Valley is a "Dry" campus, and drinking at the football games is frowned upon. At the first Laker game security was especially tight.
 9/19/11: Every year our campus is invaded with crazy angry evangelists.
 9/26/11: ArtPrize, a citywide art contest/exhibition is an awesome annual event in Grand Rapids.
 10/03/11: ArtPrize does however has it faults...namely the tourists and "Casual art-goers" who don't actually know how to appreciate art and discern where the real talent is.
10/06/11: This is poking fun at the near-nude joggers who don't let horrible weather stop them

Monday, July 4, 2011

New GVL comics for the July issue

I'm working at camp again this summer, but of course I'm also continuing to do the Lanthorn comics whenever needed. For this month they wanted two cartoons, so here ya go, a double-feature. Since these are monthly comics rather than the usual weekly, the topics can't be TOO timely and specific, so I used the broad topics of "Life after College" and "Summer Semesters at GVSU."

 This one popped into my head pretty quickly. This was a fun and easy to do.
I'm sure this is fair use, but I decided I'd put in a copyright note for once, just in case. 

 And it's funny when I think of how many of the GVL comics poke fun at campus dining and their hours of operation. Basically if you take summer classes at Grand Valley it's easy to have classes that conflict with the very small window that one place available for food is open. AKA, you pretty much live off of ordering Papa Johns since it's the only thing open at convenient times.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Official Completion of Joe Murray's Cartoon Master Class

I really can't say enough good things about Joe Murray and his Cartoon Master Class. I was influenced early on by Rocko's Modern Life, one of my all-time favorite cartoons. I've grown to like it even more as I grew up, appreciating its multiple layers of sophisticated humor and story-telling. More recently, I've gotten into Camp Lazlo, which I missed out on during a hiatus from TV-watching. Now it's another one of my favorites. 
Some Lazlo sketches I did while testing out my XPC19.

I thought it was awesome enough for Joe to offer his fans and aspiring cartoonists an integral book for creating an animated series, but to actually create an online class for students all around the globe was just too good to be true. The class was EXACTLY what I needed, and I owe thanks to my dad as well, who had some skepticism about me taking an expensive extra-curricular class from some guy he's never heard of. It was completely worth it.

Joe sent out signed copies of his book to his students.
It was nice finally doing some serious work on a project that for the longest time only floated around in my head and in my sketchbooks, and with the help of one of my favorite cartoonists, no less. Each week there was a new video lecture and assignment followed by a one-on-one Skype critique.

I gained invaluable insight on character, storytelling, pitching, and negotiation and have my own pilot storyboard and series proposal to show for it. It was also nice just chatting about cartoons with Joe and making connections with other talented students in the class. Joe's class was a perfect experience.

Next, I look forward to developing the project I started even further through Grand Valley's Senior Thesis class. There, I plan to take my storyboard and polish it into a very presentable animatic.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Lanthorn Comic # 2

Previously I've posted Grand Valley Lanthorn comics on Facebook on the corresponding date they're published in the paper. It seems the Lanthorn is run more loosely for the summer, and I don't know precisely when my comics will appear in the paper, so what the hell, I'll share them as I do them.

This marks Grand Valley President, T. Haas', third appearance in the comics I've drawn, this time it's an undead T. Haas.

This particular comic is pretty Michigan/Grand Rapids centric, so if you're not sure what this is all about, Rob Bliss is known for these wide-scale antics in Grand Rapids. He's led two record-breaking zombie walks (Or at least one broke a world record,) and now this:

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Works-in-Progess of drawings I'm doing just for the hell of it

I recently got a XPC1910A--basically an off-brand Cintiq. It's pretty awesome. Now that I'm done with Joe Murray's Cartoon Master Class, I'm doing more drawings just for the fun of it, at least until I get notes back on my storyboard and begin developing it further for my senior thesis.
I'm really excited for The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie, so I did some sketches of James Rolfe.

 When I'm not making cartoons, I'm watching them. I recently got all of Batman the Animated Series, so I've been watching lots of that. Especially volume 4, the "Red sky" season, since I never watched that season when it was on TV. The episode "Girls Night Out" inspired the drawing below:
 I also recently watched speed-runs of Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3. I feel like the original DKC Trilogy are amongst the few games I consider myself GOOD at, but the people doing these speed-runs are insane. It's like watching really good parkour videos. Anyway, that inspired the drawing below.
Funny how I always resort back to Donkey Kong and Batman when I'm drawing for the hell of it. I didn't notice til now, but coincidentally some of the last doodles I posted here also had Donkey Kong and Batman stuff.