Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Hot Air" Finished

Throughout the summer I continued what began as last Fall's Animation 1 final project. For the purposes of class, it was complete; an animatic made up of rough pencil animation with voices and sound effects.

Now, it is finally finished. Inked and colored with backgrounds. It's called "Hot Air" because it's about kids telling absurd, made-up stories to the school principal.

Most backgrounds were done in flash with a simplified flat paint look to it, other parts were digitally painted on Photoshop, such as the close-up above.

All it needs now is music (most likely by Devin Polaski, Grand Valley's resident film composer) and titles. Once I have all of that added in I plan on submitting it to any film/animation fests and contests I can. I also plan on making it available on this blog as well as Facebook and Youtube once it's ready.

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