Monday, May 10, 2010

Current Projects

In fourth grade I got so mad at my best friend, Michael, that I hit him with a rock and sent him to the office with blood trickling down his forehead.

You'd think I'd be in big trouble and kicked out of school for that, but I wasn't. As where any other kid would've told on me, Michael made up a lie that kept me out of trouble and more importantly kept our friendship together.

One of the two animated shorts I'm currently working on is loosely based on this story.

The difference with this story is that BOTH kids are in the principal's office, all beat up with bumps on their heads and bloody rocks on the table as evidence. When asked to explain themselves they tell two completely different off-the-wall stories.

In my side of the story I'm a kung-fu badass and Michael is a sumo-wrestling oppressor of the playground.Michael's side of the story derives from a naive misinterpretation of "Animal House." In his story he's the biggest party animal the playground's ever seen (metaphorically speaking.)
And I'm a hunter who crashes the party.
Crap..just noticed that my mole is on the wrong side in the above image. I'll have to fix that.

This project's animation is complete, and I'm close to completing ink and color. Maybe just another week or two.

My second project isn't as close to completion, mainly because it uses full animation.

Today 3D movies are the cat's pajamas-- TV is trying to catch up by going 3D, too. In this story, incredibly realistic holographic TV exists.
This man purchases one and gives it a try.
A sultry woman comes out of his TV. He enjoys every moment of it...until he realizes she's only available if he got the premium package...he could only afford basic.
New technology can never be trusted.

I'm hoping to have these done by Fall. At least one of them. Basically my free time this summer will be spent animating.

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